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  Hugycup 2013:  Statia, a little pearl in the Caribean sea
Diving holiday in Old Gin with Scubaqua

Published in   [Hippocampus - Nr°247 - jan./feb. 2014] & [Aquamonde Nr°57 - jun./jul. 2014]



  Cenderawasih Bay:  Home of the whaleshark
Diving holiday with the Aurora

Published in   [Hippocampus - Nr°246 - nov./dec. 2013]



  Hugycup 2012:  Dreams can come true
Diving holiday with the SMY Ondina

Published in   [Hippocampus - Nr°243 - march/april 2013]



  Hugycup 2011:  From simpel underwaterphotography to competition photography
Diving holiday in the Lighthouse dive center, Dahab

Published in   [Hippocampus - Nr°239 - may/june 2012]



  Oceanic Islands, Banda Archipelago & Ambon:  Diving untouched locations
Diving holiday with the S.M.Y. Ondina



  Dive Around BALI:  Travelling and diving in the land of the gods
Diving safari - Travelling Bali & HugyCup 2010



  Underwaterphotography:  Hugycup 2009 from a different angle
Diving holiday in Divers Lodge, Lembeh and the Bunaken Village Resort

Published in   [Hippocampus - Nr°227 - januari/februari 2010]



  The Philipinnes:  Wonderful nature and magnificant dives, but ...
Diving holiday with Asia Divers

Published in   [Hippocampus - Nr°225 - september/october 2009]



  Marsa Alam:  Summer dives in december
Diving holiday in hotel Equinox with Equinox Divers



  The Brothers:  Searching the great wild stuff
Liveaboard starting from Hurghada with Blue Paradise dive center