Fine Art Prints

To print our photos we work in collaboration with DMK interior.

All our photos are printed sharp and clear on extra-quality paper, and then glued on the back of a kind of acrylic glass plate. This plate is particularly suitable for our pictures full of vibrant colors, and gives an extra depth and clarity to our images. The additional high UV protection ensures long lasting radiant colors. The photos will be delivered to your home with a matching suspension system that provides extra reinforcement.

Standard, only three formats are available: (90cm x 60cm), (120cm x 80cm) or (180cm x 120cm).

All our pictures start with a category 1* photograph. Images that were awarded with only one national or international award are called 2* photos. Photos with multiple national and/or international awards belong to the category 3* photos.

Prices for 2* and 3* photos, as well as other formats are only available upon request. Contact B&E Underwater Photograhy


  • Type Plexi Print
  • Format 90cm x 60cm
  • Category 1* photo

Plus Favourite

  • Type Plexi Print
  • Format 120cm x 80cm
  • Category 1* photo


  • Type Plexi Print
  • Format 180cm x 120cm
  • Category 1* photo