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The family of the angler fish or antennariida is divided into 12 genera and counts 47 different species. The size of the frogfish usually ranges between 5 and 40 cm.

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Seahorses belong, together with the pipefish, to the family of Syngnathidae. The fish of this family are characterized in the fact that the male becomes pregnant.

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Ghost pipefish

A special but very small fish family is the family of the ghost pipefish or Solenostomidae. When found, after a few days they disappear again mysteriously like a ghost.

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The Rhinopias is one of the most searched fish in the world. This rare species is described as the 'Holy Grail' of underwater photography and tops the list of critters.

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Sea cows

This small group of mammals, which are described as the sea cows, includes only four species. An encounter with one of these special marine mammals remains impressive.

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Lion fish

Lionfish belong to the family of scorpion fish (Scorpaenidae) which also includes stonefish. This lionfish is venomous and a sting will very quickly cause local pain.

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Anemone fish

Anemonefish belong to the family of the damsel fish. They can be found in the Red Sea, the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. However, in the Caribbean, they are not found at all.

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Moray eels

The moray eels or Muraenidae belong to the order of eels. Like the eels, they also have smooth skin covered with a protective mucus. In some moray eels, this slime is even poisonous!

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