Bruno Van Saen & Els Van Den Borre


Our article about the natural wonders of Indonesia appears in our Belgian magazine Hippocampus.

We describe the land of volcanoes, the Coral Triangle and the Indonesian Throughflow.
Finally we give you a brief description about the 6 best diving sites in Indonesia.

[Hippocampus - Nr. 277 - jan./feb. 2020]

Indonesia is often hit by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and sometimes tsunamis.
Despite these dangerous natural phenomena, we keep going on visiting the numerous exotic destinations of this archipelago.

In our article you can read 'where' and 'why' you should still choose Indonesia for your next diving trip.

[Duiken - Nr.9 - September 2019]

The Underwater Photographer of the Year competition 2019 is over.

If you see slugs crawling on the street after a heavy rain shower, you are probably not impressed.
It is not surprising, because they look not attractive at all.
However, at the bottom of the ocean sea slugs are very colorful, writes Laurien in the KIJK magazine.

[KIJK - NR.5/2019 - May 2019]

The Fotofair weekend, organized in the Netherlands, is the largest photo and video experience in the Benelux.
The winners of the PhotoMaster Portfolio photo competition will also be honored during this weekend.

In 2019 Bruno was among the 11 Finalists / winners. He became the 5th Runner-up winner!

[Photofair Magazine - 2019]

When you hear the words 'sea snails' you probably do not think about speed, 'big stuff' or interaction.
But then you have certainly not even met the rare sea snails of the new macro destination Romblon.

In Romblon we were amazed of the many big 'small' surprises! See our article in the magazine of the Netherlands DUIKEN.

[Duiken - Nr.11 - November 2018]

The Scorpion fish family has 3 subfamilies, 25 genera and more than 200 species. Among them we can find the genus 'Rhinopias'. These very rare species are For many divers and especially for underwater photographers, this very rare fish are called the 'Scorpion King'.

Especially for the dive magazine of the Netherlands we wrote an article about the different Rhinopias fish.

[Duiken - Nr.8 - August 2018]

I always say: 'No current, no fish'. The dives around the Galapagos Islands are characterized by strong currents and relatively cold water. Our 7mm wetsuits are certainly not an extra luxury. But the cold waters brings a lot of marine life to the shallow waters, especially sharks: galapagos sharks, hammerhead sharks, silky sharks, ...

The best season to see whale sharks is from August to November. We were there in... October.

[Duiken - Nr.5 - May 2018]

Bpost, Belgium's postal company brings a special set of stamps on the market. Following the series of endangered land mammals in 2016, in 2017 they put an alarm for the survival of marine mammals occurring in the North Sea.
Two photos from our collection of humpback whales are used for this splendid edition of 'Sea Life in danger', made by Kris Maes.

[Bpost - Sealife in danger - August 2017]

Our third and last article about French Polynesia is published in our home magazine Hippocampus. In Moorea (our first part of the trip) we had encounters with humpback whales. In our second article we were looking for dolphins and we first learned about the strong currents in the passes of Rangiroa.

In our last article we are at Fakarava and we visited the 'wall of sharks'.

[Hippocampus - Nr. 263 - march/april 2017]

In our second article on French Polynesia we find ourselves on the second largest atoll in the world: Rangiroa. Here we were looking for reefsharks, dolphins and big schools of fish.

Hippocampus publishes this article in their bi-monthly magazine.

[Hippocampus - Nr. 262 - jan./feb. 2017]

Hippocampus publishes the first part of our mini-series about diving in French-Polynesia.

In October 2014 we went to French Polynesia looking for the beautiful white beaches with coconut trees, the azure water, but especially for the beautiful coral reefs and the breathtaking underwater life of this ultimate destination.

[Hippocampus - Nr. 261 - nov/dec. 2016]

The biggest fear of divers is still caused by the powerful jaws and shattered teeth of sharks. However, there are almost five species of sharks that pose a danger to humans while on our reefs and seabeds a huge family lives of highly toxic marine animals: the scorpion fish or Scorpaenidae.

Our article 'Juwels of the Sea' on cute and bizarre scorpionfish is published in Hippocampus.

[Hippocampus - Nr. 259 - may/june 2016]

The Scorpion fish family has 3 subfamilies, 25 genera and more than 200 species. All of them are equipped with poisonous spines that enable them to defend themselves against their enemies. Some scorpion fish even belong to the most poisonous fish in the world!

Our article 'Juwels of the Sea' on cute and bizarre scorpionfish is published in the Chineese magazine EZDIVE.

[EZDive - Issue 2, Volume 59 - March/April 2016]

You absolutely must go night diving in the Maldives! To our surprise we got this advice several times. And now, a few months later, we can only advise it to you! See our article in Duiken.

[Duiken - Nr.1 - January 2016]

Tania made a great choice of one of our photos for the cover of their December/January 2016 issue. Some of our other photos are used to illustrate the shooling and shoaling feature article from Dr. Matt Pine: Shoal mates and school goers.

[Submerge - December/January 2016]

Our largest publication so far! Two of our articles published in the December edition of the Chinese magazine EZDive. An eight pages long interview with both of us in 'Incredible Scuba Couples', and a 10-page article about the Maldives entitled 'The Maldives, more than a manta paradise'.

[EZDive - Issue 6, Volume 57 - December 2015]

Anyone can shoot a 'lucky shot'! But once you meet all strata of our triangle, we are pretty sure that also you can take great pictures underwater. Just read our article on 'Successful Underwater Photography', now also published in Hippocampus.

[Hippocampus - Nr. 256 - Nov./dec. 2015]

For the first time one of our articles is published in the magazine of the Scubadiving Federation of the Netherlands NOB. Especially for them, we made a comparison between our Top 3 of the Worlds Best Muckdiving locations.

[OnderwaterSport - November 2015]

An award winning image should attract the attention of the judges and create a memorable thought, as judges are usually tired of old ideas but get excited when they see something new and something different.

[EZDive - Issue 1, Volume 55 - October 2015]

The shot of Els her three pygmy bargibanti seahorses is the openingsphoto of the article about 'Monogamous relationships'. An article written by Simon Brandl and published in the south african magazine Submerge.

[Submerge - Augustus/September 2015]

A few of our underwater photos from our last trip (to the Maldives) are used by the German magazine Tauchen. Our photos are used for the article written by Hedda Hoepfner after her visit to Filitheyo.

[Tauchen - Nr.9 - September 2015]

Six of our underwater photos were selected for the block calender 2016 for National Geographic. Our competition keeps going on, because as well as Bruno as myself are selected with 3 photos each for the wondelful calender. Our book 'Top 100 most popular underwater critters' or a beautiful block calender from National Geographic: an idea of a gift for the coming Christmass or New Year days?

[National Geographic - Scheurkalender 2016]

Our article published in 'Duiken', the magazine of the Netherlands, about 'Successful underwater photography' has been seen in Germany. After receiving an email of Europe's biggest diving magazine we now have our first publication in the German magazine Tauchen. The free swimming ribbon eel photographed by Bruno is published as TOP-SHOT.

[Tauchen - Nr.7 - July 2015]

On Saturday, March 7th, 2015, we were invited for the DIVING underwater photography event in the Museon in The Netherlands. For our reading our mission was to tell how to achieve a decent level in 5 years of underwater photography. Chief editors Rene and Judith asked us to write an article about it: 'Successful underwater photography'.
Result: a wonderful publication and Bruno for the first time on the cover of DUIKEN.

[Duiken - Nr.6 - June 2015]

Again, a cover on the South African Submerge magazine! And this, probably, thanks to our nice collaboration we have with editor Tania Wolson. In this B&W edition of Submerge, some of our photo's are used in four different articles, and printed on 14 pages.

[Submerge - Apr./May 2015]

The publications are coming fast for the moment! This time a picture of Els on the cover of Submerge, the magazine about diving in South Africa. Inside the magazine they use our pictures of the humpback whales from Moorea for their article on 'Whale calves'.

[Submerge - Feb./Mar. 2015]

The results of the photo competition 'Guylian Seahorses of the World' appears in our Belgian magazine Hippocampus. Els won the first place with her Hippocampus Denise seahorse. Also the results of the Open Belgian Championship are stated: many third and fourth places for us ... so this time, a number of times just off the podium.

[Hippocampus - N°252 - jan./feb. 2015]

EZDIVE publishes our article 'Black Gold'. A seven-page report on the muck dive paradise Lembeh. The article is about the critters that you can find, but also about the way of diving in Lembeh, and the return, up to three times.

[EZDive - Issue 1, Volume 52 - Maart 2015]

The cover on the diving magazine of China! Thanks to our last visit to Lembeh Strait (Sulawesi, Indonesia), we are introduced to one of the editors of the chineese magazine EZDIVE. Barely a few months later a picture of Bruno is printed on the cover page of the 51th edition.

[EZDive - Issue 6, Volume 51 - December 2014]

Thanks to the publication of our first book 'TOP 100 MOST POPULAR UNDERWATER CRITTERS', we have been interviewed by Carlo Vreugde, writer for the magazine of the Netherlands, Duiken. He writes a beautilful article about ourself and the book.

[Duiken - Nr.12 - December 2014]

Our Belgian magazine Hippocampus pays attention to our first book 'TOP 100 MOST POPULAR UNDERWATER CRITTERS'. Chief editor Ivo Madder presents our book to the readers in the 'Hippo read for you'.

[Hippocampus - N°251 - nov./dec. 2014]

The results of the international photo competition 'Readers Photo Contest 2014' appears in Scuba Diving Magazine, United States. Bruno is the winner in the category 'Behavior' with his fighting Pike Blennies.

[Scuba Diving Magazine - September/October 2014]

The biography of Els and fifhteen photo's of her underwater photo portfolio are printed in the french magazine Aquamonde. Her name is mentioned on the cover of the magazine and inside you can find the nine pages long article.

[Aquamonde - July/August 2014 - N° 58]

Bruno's article about the Hugycup 2013 appears in the French magazine Aquamonde. Two pages of text and four pages images, including the portfolio of Bruno and myself. Also the results of the competition in Strasbourg and Bruno's second place photo is printed in the french magazine.

[Aquamonde - June/July 2014 - N° 57]

Els her second cover is a fact! Finally we had a very pleasant meet and greet with René Lipmann, the chief editor of the magazine of the Netherlands 'Duiken'. And also he was already familiar with the photo of the anemone fish infected with the parasite. But we were very surprised when we saw the article, but especially the cover photo of the new edition of 'Duiken'.

[Duiken - Nr.4 - April 2014]

Bruno's article about the Hugycup is published again in the Belgian magazine Hippocampus. Also in the fifth edition of this international photocompetition we won a lot of prizes. In the article Bruno describes the beautifull pearl (Island) in the Caribean sea: Sint Eustatius.

[Hippocampus - Nr°247 - jan./feb. 2014]]

Our article from Nemo and the tong parasite appears on the biggest website from the United States,

[ - Februari 2014]